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Warranty and Guarantee

  • The quality of our bikes is paramount. That is why, we have given you a five-year warranty for all MARKHOR frames.
Open welding/de-welding and frame crash in normal use of load and ride.)
  • Electric components (motor/ dispaly/ battery/ charger/ related components) are guaranteed by a one-year warranty, with their manufacturers.
  • There is also a two-year warranty on mechanical parts.
  • Quick-wearing parts such as bearings and suspension seals, transmission components (cassettes, chains, derailleur damage caused by improper placement, etc.), tires, rotors and disc pads, and paintwork damage are not covered by warranty.
  • This warranty is only for the first-hand products. As for the purchase of second-hand products, we do not provide free after sale service.
  • The standard warranty does not apply to accident damage. for examle, serious fall or violent impact.
PS: In the event of a serious fall or violent impact, great force may act on and damage the bike frame. This can lead to impaired function and destabilization. Do not use a frame damaged to this extent under any circumstances, as this may result in serious injury.